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Published on September 3rd, 2012


As of the 31st January, 2011 new changes were introduced into the Residential Tenancy Act.

One of the most important changes is to do with how tenants can be charged water usage.

For pre-existing tenants (ie. tenants that have been in the property since BEFORE 31st January, 2011), you have until the 31st January, 2012 to complete the required changes. For any new tenants (ie. tenant that were in the property AFTER 31st January, 2011), then you must make these changes NOW!

If you have not water metre fixed to your property by the 31st January, 2012, you will NO LONGER be able to charge water back to your tenants.

Our office may organise this on your behalf.

Please contact one of the Property Management Team on (02) 9625 8000 to discuss this further.

Please see the link below for information from the Department of Fair Trading in relation to this Notice:


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